Delivering best quality Biomass, Saw Dust and Torrefield Pellets of different sizes at genuine rates.

About Us 

Beyond Drilling and Exploration Pvt Ltd - Turning Adversity into Opportunity

Fossil fuels are one of the long-standing energy sources, but switching to substitutes is the best solution due to their scarcity and most significantly, their adverse impact on the climate.

BDEPL has developed a technology for conversion of crop residue and RDF into fine biomass pellets (Which can pass 1mm sieve test of NTPC) and useful torrefied coal through a patented process. The process enables zero residue conversion of biomass, like paddy straw and others into useful biomass pellets, rich in calorific value, low ash and Sulphur content, hydrophobic, capable of co-firing with coal using existing infrastructure, etc., produced in an environment friendly manner with carbon neutral approach. In addition BDEPL also offers customized products and services for:

1. Municipal solid waste management
2. Waste to Energy Plants 
3. Agricultural Residue Management
4. Biomass to fuel generation (in turn convert to jet fuel and green diesel)

The solution developed by BDEPL is not only environment friendly but also technically feasible and financially viable. In general the gross return on investment is high and at 70% capacity utilization. The torrefied coal as well as raw pellets produced using the technology has been market tested and National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd., (NTPC), a Maha-ratna company has issued PO for purchase RDF to Torrefied coal, Biomass to Torrefied coal and Biomass pellets. Other than NTPC the science and technology department Punjab has also vetted our patented technology. 

Our Vision

To evolve as a world leader in waste to energy & renewable.

Our Mission

Innovate, develop and implement renewable and sustainable energy technologies and solutions with a goal of absolute waste conversion.

Our Plans

The business growth of a company relies on many factors, but its progress is actually boosted by a definite set of future plans. Similarly, we have also developed a realistic & forward-looking strategy with the help of a highly qualified team of professionals in our business that helps us not only progress our performance but encourages us to operate in a strategic manner. Here are some of the main aspects of our future plans: 
  • To perform an ongoing market study and keep our range constantly upgraded. 
  • To offer the best of all our products to the respective customers.
  • To always maintain the best quality of the goods, at all times. 
  • To guarantee absolute transparency in all our corporate dealings with the clients.
Our Team

A good team is the foundation of each organization which lets them to expand their business capabilities. We have also effectively led our company, Beyond Drilling and Exploration Pvt Ltd to a significant position in the market in waste to energy line. This has been possible because of the constant efforts of our most professional and devoted team, which has a unique thought process and developed our business lines of waste to energy. The team then manages everything and ensures goods are in compliance with various specifications and guarantees them to the highest standards. Moreover, with unparalleled business expertise and experience, our team is able to adapt to high customer demands in a timely manner.

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